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Chanel? Go Get It!

We all know that getting into Paris Fashion Week shows are next to impossible. They are invite only to the most elite guest. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Hermes to name a few have lots of security to make sure us common folk don't mingle with fashion royalty. Then something happened this year that I never thought would ever happen. Honestly, it brought me great joy.

New York Times Photo

28 year old, Marie Benoliel decided to not only sneak into the Chanel fashion, but join the models on the runway. First of all, I'm amazed that she got past security into the event. Accoding to Elaine Welteroth's Instagram story, Marie was sitting right behind her before she ran the stage. Sources say Benoliel did not have an invite and it was supposed to be funny.

Well Ms. Benoliel, I'm laughing right with you! You ran that stage and catwalked so well that I thought it was a part of the show. Hell, even Cardi B thought it was funny! Too often we take fashion to seriously. It's just clothes. I got your message of, “It goes too far to take seriously something that is not serious,” she said of the fashion world. “We’re talking about clothing. It has to be joyful, it has to be funny, it has to make people happy. And I think nowadays fashion doesn’t make people happy. It makes people ridiculous and pretentious.” PREACH!

Chanel runway crasher walking runway
Getty Images

Condragulations my dear! Marie you will now be remembered in fashion history as the 'Chanel Runway Crasher'. Thanks for making it that much harder for anyone else to crash a fashion show next year.

Also a side note: I did not like the way Gigi Hadid decided to handle the situation. Gigi was not walking in the show but obviously felt some authority to handle the situation by putting her hands on Benoliel. Gigi you should've just sat there and ate your food because that wasn't cute, boo.

Gigi Hadid with Chanel runway crasher
Footwear News Photo

click the link to watch it all go down!


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