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Call Me Coco

I came to Paris to intern with one company and have been blessed to work with three! Each of my fashion internships has been so different. Chausettes Orphelines was the most relaxed and personable of the jobs. While working with Badgley Mischka I had sooooo much fun! I can't remember not laughing during my time there. The work was a bit more serious and the tasks more repetitive.

My last and most recent job was with Chanel. The Chanel! I truly have favor on my life because this opportunity came out of nowhere. I was literally contacted the same morning they wanted me to come into the Paris office.

Chanel mannequins

Chanel was interviewing for some position in the company and I had the responsibility of assisting. I was there to help make sure everything ran smoothly and the interviewees had everything they needed. The setting was more of what I imagined from a fashion company. Everything was serious and as professional as back home in America. It was kind of refreshing to be in an office setting that I'm familiar with.

me at Chanel Paris headquarters

This was also the most professional I had to dress of the internships. All black everything, no jeans, no sneakers or open-toed shoes. I wish I could've worn Chanel like some of the higher ups I met, but alas one day. My cropped slacks and loafers are from Zara while my top and blazer are from Cotton On. Professionalism on a budget yassss! I love the contrast of the stain, cowl neck top against the cotton look of the pants and blazer. Of course, I couldn't attend the biggest job I've ever had without a little keepsake motivation. My necklace is from the Chiari collaboration with Elaine Welteroth; the 'More Than Enough' necklace.

I needed a reminder that I'm in the position that I am because I've worked to get here. I deserve to be in these fashion spaces as much as the others there. What I offer and bring to the table is more than enough. Although my time at Chanel was temporary, I'm grateful to have been on the other side of such an iconic brand. Until next time, Chanel.


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