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I am a college graduate as of May 13, 2021! I imagined this to be one one of the most exciting moments in life because everything after would be new. Honestly, nothing has changed drastically yet. I hadn't felt motivated to doing any creating or post on social media since May. I think I've reached that creator burnout, but its fading almost as quickly as its come.


I've been working and researching expansion in my personal and business life. This is definitely the year to elevate and see what results truly being consistent can bring. I'm not sharing all the good news prematurely, but I'm planning to change my zip code to an NYC zip code very soon!

Talking to other creatives and we've all said the same thing about lacking motivation to produce. Some of them have planned vacations and others buckled down for grinding this summer. Here are some tips I used everyday to pull myself out of the rut.

  1. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, I talk to God. I thank Him for life and ask for guidance in all things I'm about to do. Having faith in anything can push you to greatness and doing it alone only makes the path harder.

  2. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS!!! Say them out loud! Remember them! Believe them! When your mind is telling you you're not good enough or not qualified, hit back with yes I am. You deserve everything good the world has to offer.

  3. Know who to spend your free time with. When you're not working or in school, who are you with? Are they pouring positivity and life into you? Spend time with people who clap for you when you win and offer a hand to you when you're down.

  4. Rest. Take that vacation. It is absolutely okay to do nothing, just don't stay there too long. Your happiness and mental are thee most important things. Don't neglect them when they're speaking.

  5. Stretch and meditate. Every evening before bed I stretch my body for 30 mins to an hour in a dimly lit room. Sometimes I play soft music like healing bowl sounds or in silence, but use that time to reflect on past decisions. Your body will physically thank you and you're renewing your mind for a new day.

Try these everyday and see if you notice a difference in your mood. Its always okay to seek professional counseling because sometimes we can't do it alone.


**I love using anything Lizzo related. She is the most loving and fun spirit to see on social media. For extra help, go through your social media followings and make sure you unfollow negative influences and follow people who uplift.


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