The newest show on Netflix is calling to my heart. I'm a huge historian and my favorite fashions are from the 19th century. Corsets, bustles and arsenic makeup give me butterflies, so I had to tune into 'Bridgerton'. The show is based off Julia Quinn's romance novel series [The Duke and I] and executive produced by Shonda Rhimes [Grey's Anatomy ring any bells?] I'm loving season 1 and am hopeful for a season 2.

Queen Charlotte Bridgerton

What thrills me the most is Queen Charlotte. Queen Charlotte was a real person married to King George III in 19th century England. There are many theories that she was Black, making her the first Black Queen of England and of America (during the American Revolution). It's not ever that we see Black people in renaissance times whether in art, music and especially not royalty. If we were portrayed, we were the servants only. The cast is beautifully diverse and Golda Rosheuval is working that crown as Queen Charlotte.

I'm obsessed with the costuming! Ellen Mirojnick did a phenomenal job of capturing the true wealth and dress designs of the time period. She designed all 7,500 pieces from scratch! My haute couture professor would be so proud. These costumes are the best replications of 19th century gowns and I've seen the actual gowns, jewels and shoes in museums. I've always wanted to wear a full ball gown extravaganza, but could never picture it because history never showed me anyone that resembled me in that specific splendor. 'Bridgerton' gave me gold in natural-curled pineapples, laid powdered lace fronts and gravity defying afros affixed with crowns.


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