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Breathe Boo

Anyone else feel like time is just dragging on? I had so many things lined up for my blog, school, work and whatever else but this quarantine has halted everything. In the back of my mind, I'm reprimanding myself for doing literally nothing for a whole week.

My body feels like crap since my schedule has been thrown off, so I got up and listened to church online since my church is not having in-person service. Then I did my home workout since the gym is closed because when I'm bored, I snack. Hot girl summer is not canceled so I gotta keep this body tight! (I'm trapped in my home..send help).

But it was twitter that actually lifted my spirits. Aside from the corona virus jokes, someone tweeted:

I deserve to do absolutely nothing for a week if I choose! Hell, I work hard and put up with a lot of BS on the daily. Shut up your conscience telling you that you need to be doing more or that feeling of falling behind. The whole world is literally in the same boat right now so enjoy the wait. The grind isn't stopping but it is slowing down for a bit.


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