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Bonjour Paris!

I'm studying abroad in Paris, France this semester! I've always wanted to learn French, live among the fashionable, and eat my weight in baguettes. I'm enjoying myself but everything is different.

in front of Eiffel Tower

The French are not as risqué as I am with the fashion. The picture above is one of my more modest looks and hunty I was getting some looks! Parisians also wear a lot of neutral colors like white, black, and gray....boring. This is one of the fashion capitals! I want to see skin, color, excitement but instead I was met with Banana Republic.

arms up in front Eiffel Tower

The good news is that luxury is everywhere. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Givenchy, Chanel. Turn a corner and there's probably a shop in view. Designer is so accessible and I'm so used to seeing it that it's like whatever to me. Don't get me wrong, I still get excited over new releases but if I see a bag on Instagram I'm like, "oh some girl had that on the train yesterday".

backview Eiffel Tower

Those are my biggest little things that stood out to me. If you've never been to Paris, come. It's a beautiful city with an amazing history. You can go into debt shopping and maybe even find love, but please keep the PDA to a minimum. I'm so tired of seeing people sucking face.



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