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Black Women In Hollywood

Essence has always showcased Black beauty in the best light. Many of my favorite magazine covers of all time are by Essence. Essence embraces the Black woman in her natural and places her on a pedestal to help uplift others. The 2020 luncheon is an award ceremony for our favorite melanin goddesses who are often looked over in Hollywood. We see your crowns, Queens.

Lashana Lynch 2020 Essence luncheon

We've created platforms for ourselves and others where we can share our journeys. I love hearing the struggles and processes to obtain clarity in my own situations. It's so relieving to have a safe space with very little biases and an outlet that motivates others to continue their dreams. The speeches affirmed that you don't need validation from Hollywood or anyone to see your power. Marshana Lynch said, "We work hard on our craft and our self love, and have to remind ourselves daily that we deserve a seat at the table.” I love this and feel that we should also be building our own tables and equal opportunities. The event was beautiful and I'm hopeful to attend the next as a proud, Black creator.

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