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Barbie Tingz

Every Christmas, birthday or gift-giving event I wanted the same thing. Barbies. For most kids, Barbie was our first experience dabbling in fashion and finding our own style. If Barbie came out with a new outfit, I had to have it! I remember being around 6 years old trying to walk in my mom's heels because my Barbie came with the pointiest stilettos. We all loved Barbie but for most of us Barbie did not look like us. There was typical blonde Barbie and the dark skin Black Barbie when I was growing up.

Shiona Turini designing Barbie

Shiona Turini collaborated with Barbie for a Diversity in Fashion collection. The collection is a reflection of Black beauty. You'll find dolls of every body shape, skin color and even disabled Barbie. Mattel had already hopped on the inclusivity bandwagon back in 2016. My favorite part of this collection are the hairstyles. Every hair type is represented from relaxed finger waves to 4C afros and box braids.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these dolls! The outfits are actually styles I'd wear, but I'd expect nothing less from the fabulous Shiona. Shiona shared her inspirations for certain details on her instagram and my heart swelled more. The crystal hair decorations were inspired by Jawara from the 2019 Area New York Fashion Week and the wicker throne chair was replicated from Michelle Obama and Grace Jones. Black History Y'all! Get into it!

Barbie wicker chair reference Shiona Turini


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