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Now that I have picked my edges up off the floor, lets discuss why #Beychella was/is the best Coachella headliner.

Beyonce is a true performer with natural talent; even if you don't like her music, you can't argue those facts. Her stage presence is captivating and you're entertained from start to finish.

Coachella hasn't had a black, female headliner ever and it would've been disrespectful to not make Beyonce the first. Beyonce brought the essence of black, collegiate culture to Coachella.

With an all black band, bleachers to the sky & her own greek letters, I felt like I was at an HBCU homecoming. Not a single detail was missed from the outfits, dance numbers, or Beyonce singing the Black National Anthem. fashion blog

This was the performance of her career and the audience she deserved was MIA. Beyonce reunited Destiny's Child and Swag Surfed while the audience stood around like she was some regular. The audacity. Just know I was getting my life with that live stream! The BeyHive was there in spirit.

It was a family affair and I feel blessed to be black and have experienced this. There were so many cultural nuances represented that have shaped who I am. Here a few more photos but if you missed this life-changing, cultural appreciating performance, click the link below and experience greatness.

Watch Beychella here:​


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