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Amigas Cheetahs

Alexa, play 'Strut' by the Cheetah Girls because I'm in Barcelona!

Park Güell view

Barcelona may be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The architecture, the people, the culture are art and I wish I had more time to live in the moment. My first stop was Park Güell strictly for the opportunity to live my best 'Cheetah Girl' life. I was the biggest Cheetah Girl fan and would perform the songs with choreography. This dance scene from the second movie at Park Güell is top 5 for me.

sitting on Park Güell bench

The view is breathtaking! The mosaic tiles are everywhere and tell stories of Barcelona. I fell in love with the colors. They're in everything from the clothes to the food, even the smells are colorful! I opted for this sweater tank and my favorite mom jeans to mesh with the colors of Barcelona. The neutral tones compliment all the hues of the architecture while keeping me cool and confident.

head bowed at Park Güell crosses

I took into consideration the faith of Barcelona. I am a Christian woman myself and wanted a bit of modesty for the more religious park areas. (Yes my stomach is showing in the photo, but that's due to my pose.) I had a moment to reflect and thank God for His blessings. A year ago you couldn't tell me that I'd be in Barcelona before my 24th birthday. I'm constantly amazed by the wonders and beauty of the world. I'll continue to use it as inspiration in aspects of designing my life.


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