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Acceptance Fee

I watched this with my parents as a female Black student that has gone through the American university process and I'm on Gammy's side.

If you've been clueless to the USC scandal, here's the rundown. Lori Laughlin [Aunt Becky from Fullhouse] and her husband paid $500,000 for their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, to be accepted at the University of Southern California. It wasn't just a school donation, but it was paid to an admissions counselor. Lori Laughlin was sentenced to 60 days in federal prison and her husband 5 months. Olivia is no longer at USC.

Olivia Jade Red Table Talk

When I first heard the story, I wasn't that mad or even surprised. Wealthy white people do this all the time; doesn't make it right, but nobody seems to want to stop them. I believe her parents are being used as the poster family for this crime because of the mom's fame. I'm frustrated and tired of hearing how white people don't know they're privileged until their bubbles are popped. Then to have them come to poorer Black and minority people like we're their rescuers to show them have to be a functioning human being.

It is very hard for me to care about her situation because she will ultimately be fine by this time next year and her parents only got a slap on the wrist. I do believe Olivia when she said she is regretful for not seeing the wrong and admitting she was never angry. I always will applaud honesty even when I don't like what was said. She says she's working on never allowing herself to be oblivious in a bubble, but I will also be watching to see if she holds to her word. It's easy to say I'm sorry and do a couple of activist-like activities then fall back into habit.

My parents and I discussed as if we were them. I understand the love parents have and wanting to do everything they can to provide the best for their children, but I couldn't help but wonder if Olivia was insulted by her parents. Did they not think she was smart enough to even try to get into USC on her own? Her parent's actions said, "you're not able to get in on your own, so we have to pay." I'd be embarrassed by that alone.

Jada Red Table Talk

I hope Olivia and her family learn and point out privilege amongst their peers. On another note, I was trying hard to pay attention because Mrs. Jada looked so bomb! The white cut, with the dewy skin, and soft sweater..yes ma'am I was feeling this look. I'm definitely considering bleaching my hair now...

If you missed this episode, here is the full thing right here:


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