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About Time

“You have to deal with your enemy in the language they understand. If that language is violence, you have to deal with them in violence.”

Malcolm X said this in 1963.

It’s 2020 and still applies to our everyday injustices. 

Minneapolis police tear gassing

Martin Luther King Jr. sold us a dream and we’ve been living amongst our oppressors since. I’ve always felt some type of way about this. Blacks were thriving on our own…separate. Remember Tulsa, Oklahoma? Black Wall Street? White people came and destroyed our businesses. That was our generational wealth. We just want to be left alone!

George Floyd was murdered by 4 cops in Minneapolis. People have come out of quarantine to protest and riot in the streets. Do you know how fed up people have to be to risk their own health and well-being to fight during a pandemic?! 

George Floyd

Understand that I am not promoting violence, but promoting action for justice. Peaceful protest is not working. The public is ready to fight fire with fire until we have the requested change. It’s the American way. It’s our history. 

Every defining change in American history came after a battle or violent protest. Boston Tea Party, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Mexican-American War and the list goes on. There’s no difference between then and today. 

I don’t want to see or hear about you’re "so tired of everything being about race." Well I’m tired of seeing Black people killed. Tired of seeing white people blindly living life in their bubbles. Tired of peaceful protest. It’s about time we saw some fire. 


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