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I ended my last blog post with some female love and empowerment. We going to stay on that same track and remix it a little bit.  

There are definitely some hoes in this house because I was feeling this song bar for bar. This song is sexy, nasty and full of tips and tricks! I expect nothing less from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. We embrace our beauty and brains, but often hide our inner freaks.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion in WAP with snakes

The lyrics are funny and real. “I want you to touch that lil dangly thang that swing in the back of my throat!” Girl you trying to die. WAP delivers thirst trap captions for days. Now to the visuals.

Stunning. I need a fountain that shoots water out of the breasts and a golden ass sculpture for my wall. Ho-esthetics *chefs kiss*. The video gave me a quirky Palace of Versailles, each room holding a different mystery. They served looks, looking like raunchy royalty. My favorite had to be the cheetah fit on Cardi. From the chainlink braid to the cheetah print pasties, the girls stood no chance. If Halloween isn’t canceled, I may have to get a little wild with that one. 

The features were cute, but had some errors. Kylie Jenner. Why?! I was really hoping that was Saweetie and was disappointed. That part almost ruined the whole video for me. Then Rosalia had braids. I wasn’t aware she was Afro-Latina to be rocking box braids *cough*. Miss Normani came to the rescue and ate! I was hypnotized the minute I saw the black and white. Mama gave and kept giving. WAP gave me that excitement I was missing. 

Listen to the explicit (better) version on all music platforms and catch the video below.


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