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2020 Grammys (part 1)

We as in Black people/artists have always felt some type of way about the Grammys. The academy consists of majority white men who don't listen to half of the nominees' music let alone understand it. All that aside, there were moments at the 2020 Grammys that really just thrilled me.

Let's start with the looks because huntyyyy the red carpet was serving looks! Billy Porter with this rhinestone, remote-controlled chandelier hat. With boots and bag to match! If I die, bury me in this fit. Next, we have the always beautiful Cardi B in Mugler. She wore Mugler for every outfit at the 2019 Grammys. This may be her signature Grammys designer? Let's hope because she looks angelic.

Congratulations to Lil Nas X on winning 2 Grammys at his first Grammy awards show. He represents for the LGBTQ+ and Black artists who don't get recognized for categories outside rap. I love how he stays with the country style outfits, but with his own flare. Just like his music. This next one may be my favorite look of the night. I'd easily make this regular streetwear. My guy Tyler the Creator as a hotel bellhop. Tyler, I love you and stay weird. Congrats to you too for winning your first Grammy, Best Rap Album. Tyler definitely spoke for me with his award being a "back-handed compliment".

Check out my 2020 Grammys Part 2 in my next post!


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