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Events in my family are like a competition. Who wore what? How did they wear it? and Who wore it best? My look last night was inspired by Beyoncé, of course. I took her color combinations and added my own spice to fit my personality.

Beyoncé in pink and orange

Life is too short to be fearful of bold colors! Be open to dressing out loud and making mistakes. I have many stories of my attempts to color block that turned out kind of crazy.

This look ranged from somewhat high-end to budget friendly. I feel in love with the House of CB, Kartiki skirt long ago. The bold orange is eye-catching while the satin shines without looking cheap. If the color isn't enough to win you over, then the thigh high split with fringe will!

In the words of Tyga, make it nasty...with Nasty Gal! The Nasty Gal criss cross crop, paired so beautifully with the skirt. The magenta and orange gave glow to my skin like on a tropical vacation.

What's a look without accessories?! My jewelry and bucket bag were so affordable. I doubled up the Shein cuffs because I wanted to keep the jewelry minimal. The skirt was the star of this look. My Shein drawstring bag was just enough casual. A cluth felt too formal while the frumpy styled, drawstring was fun and free. I made some improvements to the design by removing the pearls and attaching an old pair of earrings to the chain ends!

I love this outfit and so did others! I can't wait to restyle these hot pieces!


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