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Brown Suga + Honey

"You can call me your baby girl.

Maybe we can spend some time.

I can be your sunshine!"

I'm a 90s baby if you didn't know and this song came to me as I was editing pictures. I just had to throw it back and jam! Today is beautiful and I just want to be your sunshine and spread some of that good energy around.

backyard bikini

It's been raining lately so suns out buns out! My mantra for this week is enjoy the moment. Whatever is going on in your life, find the good and cling to it. Life is too short to care about opinions, stressing over work, or hating yourself. Live in the moment because these are the moments you'll remember most!

backyard glow

I have a lot of things going on with school, work, and fulfilling my dreams but I'm going to grow and glow through it. I'm forever grateful for life and love so flick the haters off! You got this, beautiful!

No F's Given

The song from the beginning:


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