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16 + 7 Candles

giant metallic number balloons

First off, I know the 3 is backwards. It kept turning and doing what it wanted.

It's my Jordan Year! Woooo! I have so many goals set and in the works to becoming accomplishments. 23 is supposed to be a year of greatness, of leveling up so why do I feel so meh. Maybe it's the Capricorn in me but everything feels so repetitive. I love working but definitely time to switch it up.

I've planned a quick trip to NYC to lift my spirits and revive my inner shopaholic. I tweaked my instagram look and even added more services to my web design services.

Fashion Nova white jumpsuit

I'm constantly reminded that 23 is supposed to be my best year so cheers to that! I'm my own worst critic and the best motivational coach. This post was more a reminder to myself to keep my head high and never let the crown tip. I've come this far and have further to go. I truly feel I'm no longer surviving but living.

Queen Karissa on her throne

My birthday is December 30th so sorry this post is late af! It's new for me still to be so open with the public. I hope you're loving more and growing with me. Thanks for bringing in another year with moi!



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