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Starbucks For President

CNN Town Hall Howard Schultz

I had the privilege of attending CNN's Town Hall with Howard Schultz. If you didn't know, Howard Schultz is the founder of America's coffee, Starbucks. He, like most people around the globe, detests President Trump and is considering running against him in the 2020 presidential election.

Most of his voting life, Schultz, has voted Democratic and even given generously to the party. Yet if he runs, he will be running as Independent. His reasoning is that both Democrats and Republicans have gone too far left or right. He says he's a man of the people and the people deserve another option to truly feel like they are represented.

CNN Town Hall Houston

Everything Schultz said in the interview sounded fine and dandy but I'd love to see a confirmation of his running and what actions he has or is taking to keep his word. As we have seen the last 3 years, the President has been everything but honest, trustworthy, or a man of his word.

There was one thing that Schultz said that rubbed me the wrong way and stuck with me. It's a mistake that Caucasian people often make. He said that he doesn't see color.

Sir, I need you to see my color. In seeing that I am different from you, you are forced to acknowledge it and can begin the process of understanding who I am and where I come from. To say I don't see color makes you oblivious to the world around you. Caucasian people seem to think if that if they don't see color then they're some how not racist. You can acknowledge that I am Black and you are White without being racist. The two don't correlate.


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