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Negro Swan

This album really struck me. Devonte´ Hynes [Blood Orange] focused this album on Black depression, beauty, and redefined masculinity. I was going through all the feels with this one!

Starting with the name of the album, black swans represented something that was so magical and almost perfect. Europeans discovered the black swan and associated it with ugly and stained. Negro Swan represents marginalized people living in a toxic culture.

Dev Hynes (Blood Orange)

I thought 'Negro Swan' was going to be like Frank Ocean's 'Blond'. I didn't really like 'Blond' and had a hard time understanding the album. Everything with Negro Swan made sense. Dev made it all sound so natural like he was chilling in a jam session with friends.

You ever hear music that sounds like how you feel? This was that for me. It was sad but the music didn't sound sad. There was an undertone of something hopeful and fun.

Jewelry - Negro Swan

With 'Charcoal Baby', it felt like childhood summer. When things were slowed down and I remembered family. You didn't have to think about anything except what was happening right then.

Charcoal Baby - Negro Swan

Another review I saw, related 'Charcoal Baby' to a bible verse. I think Negro Swan together is that scripture.

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."

Psalms 30:5


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